Who should play this game?

YOU should! We're making the kind game that we would love to play, and that we believe other people would enjoy too. For fans of the puzzle-platformer genre, we’re cramming it with progressively trickier puzzles. The whole game is being carefully hand-drawn, aiming for both a beautiful ‘painterly’ art style, and an eery and surreal atmosphere. For players who like to dig really deep, there are many, many secrets to be uncovered.

Here are just a few of the games that we love, whose presence can be felt in Perpetual Night:-
Braid, Cave Story, FTL, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Beyond Dark Castle, Spelunky, Rayman Origins, Ori and the Blind Forest.

When can I get stuck into this adventure?

Perpetual Night is an unfunded project. We care about it very much and dedicate at least one whole day a week to it to keep momentum going. We're creeping ever-closer to having a great protype that we would be proud to put in front of publishers and other funding bodies. But come what may, the game will be released eventually!

What can you tell me about the developers?

We are a young but experienced team who are utilising unusual and open-ended methodologies which are new to game design. In an age where the division between consumer and creator has been broken, we believe that a strong relationship with communities is an important principle of contemporary game design.

For Perpetual Night, our artist residencies tasked talented UK artists to respond to our character briefs, building upon their stories and characteristics. This way each contributor leaves their own unique mark on the game.

Genkan is named after traditional Japanese entranceways. We welcome everyone into our weird and wonderful worlds.

Keep an eye out for the profiles coming soon to our Dev Blog, where you can learn more about who’s who, and how we go about creating Perpetual Night.

Who made the excellent music and sound?

The music and sound for Perpetual Night was composed, created and mastered by the talented team at NoiseHook. They really stepped it up for our game and we couldn't be happier with the result! You can Like NoiseHook on Facebook, Follow @NoiseHook on Twitter, and enjoy a sample of their other work on their SoundCloud. We can't wait to share some of the amazing soundtrack with you further down the line! We're currently looking into the best way for us to share the OST, but it's looking likely that it will be available as a backer reward during our Kickstarter campaign, early 2016.

How can I support the project?

For now, it would be incredible if you could simply spread the word! Everything helps in the make-or-break world of indie games, and we’re intent on getting the world playing this game.

If you'd like to help in a more proactive way, we would love to welcome you into the Perpetual Night family! We really feel that this game can be amazing, but that will only be possible with the support of an great community. We know that for many games, the best thing about them are the fans, so we promise that we will take all comments, suggestions, fan art (and everything else!) seriously, and treat everything with the utmost respect. This is why we have set up social networks to connect with you through, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and our forums, links to all of which are at the top.

Crucially, we will also be starting our campaigns on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight soon, and will look into other platforms as the game progresses. If you'd like to be grab yourself some fine swag, a copy of the game, and possibly even make your way into the game(!), then your pledge on Kickstarter can help transform our dreams into a reality. We will keep you up to date on the campaign, which will be launching later this year.

How is such a small team tackling such a huge project?

The short answer is hard work and dedication, squeezing in time to work on it whenever we can. We've been wrestling with this game since January 2015, carefully refining all aspects of it and steadily increasing the size of our team. For our troubles we feel that we've managed to carve out an incredible story with solid gameplay mechanics and a novel setting. It's been difficult, but what in life is worth doing that isn’t?