Studio Genkan
Based in Oxford, United Kingdom

Release date:
Q2 2017

PC / Mac (Demo)


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Perpetual Night is a 2D puzzle platformer with adventure elements, where both mastering your transformation abilities and careful dialogue choices are the key to progression. Since before the beginning of time, a nameless Castle has been jumping through dimensions, enslaving creatures great and small to work within its walls. You play as its latest victim, a mysterious masked woman named Gaze, who changes form on contact with different types of light. Dive into the Castle, and carve your own path through a unique and intricately crafted indie experience.



Development of Perpetual Night started informally in January 2015, slowly taking form over the first half of the year and moving to full-time development in July. It had its first public showing at Apps World London in November, and shortly after was shown at Insomnia56 in December. Encouraged by the positive reactions from players, the playable prototype of Perpetual Night is being polished for release alongside a Kickstarter campaign, planned for early 2016. Once funded, the team will be able to fully commit to realising all the weird and wonderful ideas they've got in their notebooks.

Artist Residency Programme

We’re doing something new and experimental in the form of our Artist Residency Programme, which we’re particularly excited about. In this, artists of any medium respond in their own way to the characters and places. Part exposition and part art gallery, these artworks have been hidden in-game as artefacts which give a greater layer of depth and lore to the world, and well as interesting takes on characters and places the player has already seen. As of December 2015 we have four confirmed artists contributing to this project, with more on the cards.


  • Master Gaze’s different transformations to uncover the mysteries of the Castle.
  • Outsmarting the game’s many puzzles is only half the battle, as finding ways to befriend (or deceive!) its many inhabitants is key to opening up new areas.
  • Dark comedy character-driven story with multiple routes and endings reached through complex interweaving relationships and power struggles.
  • Deviously hidden secrets to challenge even the most dedicated of puzzlers, including secrets created by the game’s community.
  • Set in an impossible and fantastical non-linear world, messily stitched together by the Castle, but beautifully realised through hand-painted art.
  • Our experimental Artist Residency Programme places artworks hidden in-game, giving greater depth and lore to the world.
  • An outstanding soundtrack ranging from mysterious ambience and quirky character themes to epic battles and experimental wailing, composed and realised by the talented team at Noisehook.


Debut Trailer YouTube

January Gameplay Montage YouTube

December Pre-Alpha Walkthrough (Insomnia 56 Demo) YouTube

Craig Green's Interview with News2Gamers (Starts at 11m05s) YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

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  • "Exhibitor at Apps World's Indie Gaming Village" London, November 2015
  • "Exhibitor at Insomnia 56's Indie Zone" Birmingham, December 2015
  • "Exhibitor at Insomnia 57's Indie Zone" Birmingham, March 2016
  • "Exhibitor at The Norwich Gaming Festival" Norwich, March 2016
  • "Exhibitor at Technology World Part 2" London, April 2016
  • "Exhibitor at EGX Rezzed" London, April 2016

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Selected Articles

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  • "These guys are building an absolutely fantastic game."
    - Simon Hill, Host, News2Gamers YouTube
  • "Escape from an evil, sentient, trans-dimensional prison-castle. That's ****ing crazy. Looking forward to Perpetual Night."
    - @RealmsyPoo, Twitter
  • "Our favourite game [at Apps World] was Perpetual Night."
    - Taaime Studios, TaaimeWorld

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Blog: Design Methodologies of Perpetual Night
Director Craig talks about his creative processes in designing the worlds and characters of PN! Read on at perpetualnight.com.

Blog: Art Direction of Perpetual Night
Artist Laurie talks about finding the art style for PN, as well as the pipeline from idea to in-game. Read on at perpetualnight.com.

About Studio Genkan

Studio Genkan is a British independent game studio working on their first title, Perpetual Night.

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More information on Studio Genkan, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Perpetual Night Credits

Craig Green

Laurie Clifford-Frith
Artist, Marketing

Mohammed "Jack" Jakamy

Chris Harris
Animator, Freelance


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